About Us

tmp_326_7-8-2010_53359_Apricot Office Interiors is a pioneering and privately-owned retail distributor of office furniture based in Plantation, Florida. Founded in 1985 as Apricot Office Supplies & Furniture, its long been the premier privately-owned company of its kind in South Florida, thanks to its adept ability to innovate and expand its business operations.

In 1999, to improve its operations and better serve the needs of its clients, the company became the franchise holder of Office Furniture USA in Miami, mid to upper-market office furniture company representing over 35 manufacturing partners and offers a comprehensive selection office  furniture in South Florida.

Apricot Office Interiors is led by Basil M. Bernard, who serves as its President, Chief Executive Office, and Director of Business Development. Mr. Bernard is a founding partner of the firm, and has since remained instrumental in its development, growth, and direction. He has applied his extensive business knowledge, professional experience, and personal skill into creating one of the leading retail distributors of office furniture in South Florida.

A family man known for his genuine love of conversation, networking, and public speaking, Basil M. Bernard is an active member of the community. He serves on the board of directors for Mercy Hospital and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, where he has chaired several committees. Additionally, he is a trustee of the Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, appointed to the Children’s Services Bureau by Commissioner Dale Holness, and is a founding member of Jamaica USA Chamber of Commerce.