Our Team Of Experts

[q_team team_social_icon_1=”fa-facebook” team_social_icon_2=”fa-twitter” team_image=”442″ team_name=”Mike Mason – ” team_position=”President” team_description=”Mike has 30+ years in the field of Endoscopy Sales and Service. Over the last 18 years Mike has set-up and managed Endoscopy repair facilities nationally and internationally. In addition to managing service facilities, Mike has sold and installed new and pre-owned capital equipment, to full Endoscopic Suites. Listening to his customers’ needs, and giving first class service, is the key to a happy customer.” team_social_icon_1_link=”facebook” team_social_icon_2_link=”twitter”]

[q_team team_social_icon_1=”fa-facebook” team_social_icon_2=”fa-twitter” team_image=”444″ team_name=”Jacob Glaser” team_position=”Vice President” team_description=”Knowledge, Honesty and Customer Satisfaction is what you get when you deal with Jake. Jake has 22+ years in the field of Endoscopy Sales and Service. Over the years, Jake has traveled nationally and internationally attending all of the major G.I. meetings, Colo-rectal Symposiums, and veterinarian conferences. Jake continuously educates himself on endoscopy products and consumer needs to provide the best possible service. Jake is dedicated to providing a high quality, comprehensive product selection to his customers.” team_social_icon_1_link=”facebook” team_social_icon_2_link=”twitter “]

[q_team team_image=”236″ team_name=”Cheng” team_description=”21+ years- Our shop manager, Pentax specialist and certified in both Pentax and Fujifilm.”]

[q_team team_image=”237″ team_name=”Kennedy” team_description=”15+ years Pentax & Certified Fujifilm in 2014″]

[q_team team_image=”238″ team_name=”Ravi” team_description=”22+ years’ experience, specialty Pentax and Olympus”]

[q_team team_image=”161″ team_name=”Juan” team_description=”19+ years Olympus small diameter but not limited to.”]

[q_team team_image=”238″ team_name=”Leslie” team_description=”Front Desk & Customer Service”]

[q_team team_image=”239″ team_name=”Elsa” team_description=”15+ yrs, Fujinon Technician, Olympus and Quality Control backup”]

[q_team team_image=”506″ team_name=”Lorenzo” team_description=”14+ years, Olympus Specialist”]

[q_team team_image=”510″ team_name=”Mary” team_description=”Office Manager & International Sales 9+ years”]

[q_team team_image=”160″ team_name=”Paul” team_description=”Quality Control.”]

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